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Gastric Volume

By using pattern recognition you can use the following images to compare with the images your are obtaining when interrogating the gastric antrum. The following algorithm walks you through and guides you to the correct aspiration risk estimation. Keep in mind you must follow NPO guidelines. Use in BMI up to 40, non-pregnant adults only.A pediatric formula is provided :

Do you see this image?

Grade 0 RLD.gif
Gastric volume Start Empty

Do you see this image?

Grade 2 Full02.gif
Gastric volume Full

Do you see this image?

Grade 2 Full stomach 01.gif
Gastric Volume Full 2

Or this one? (72).gif
Gastric Volume Clear 01

Or this one?

Grade 2 clear distended image.gif
Gastric Volume Clear 02

Gastric Volume Calculator ( Non pregnant)

At this point the risk appears intermediate since you don't know if what you are seeing is more than gastric secretions. Use the following gastric volume estimator to evaluate risk. A result indicating >1.5ml/kg volume implies a high aspiration risk. The gauge at the bottom of the calculator will give you an estimate or the risk.

You will need the cross sectional are on RLD. To calculate  or estimate it click 

Gastric Volume Calculator

Interpretation of Findings

Gastric Volume Des Low Risk

Grade 0 Gastric Antrum

Minimal Aspiration Risk

Interpretation of Findings

Gastric Volume High

Full Stomach

High Aspiration Risk

Unable to estimate risk

Unble to estimate risk
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