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POCUS Algorithms 

In this section we walk you though various algorithms that integrate the information contained within this website for ease of use.  The material contained in this section is not intended to be a substitute for sound medical knowledge and training. Clinicians using this website should use their clinical judgment and decision making for patient management.

As reference we provide the Stanford Emergency Manual ' (in PDF interactive format) here to be used in conjunction with the following algorithms as an excellent crisis management resource. 

The Algorithms


Estimating Fluid Responsiveness

Identify Pneumothorax

Estimating Gastric Volume

1. Stanford Anesthesia Cognitive Aid Program,* Emergency Manual: Cognitive aids for perioperative crises, Version 4, 2021. See for latest version. Creative Commons BY-NC-ND ( *Goldhaber-Fiebert SN, Austin N, Sultan E, Burian BK, Burden A, Howard SK, Gaba DM, Harrison TK. The manual is provided free to use under Creative Commons license 4.0. For more information click here 

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