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TEE views 

In this chapter we will review the 11 views you will be expected to recognize for the OSCEs. Explore the companion TEE views with pathology in this link.

Mid Esophageal 4 Chamber View

To obtain this view the TEE probe is advanced to the 

mid-esophagus behind the LA.


The sector depth should be 14cm and omniplane of 0-10°. The omniplane on this view is at 38 degrees

RA                      LA

TV              AMVL       PMVL

         IS                            AL   


RV                       LV

Here we visualize: Left Atrium (LA), Right Atrium (RA), Left Ventricle (LV) [inferoseptal (IS) + anterolateral (AL) walls], Right Ventricle (RV), Mitral Valve [anterior(AMVL), posterior (PMVL) leaflets], Tricuspid Valve [Septal (STVL), Anterior (ATVL) leaflets]

ME 4c
ME 2c

Mid Esophageal 2 Chamber View

To obtain this view, from ME 4 chamber omniplane to 90°