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Show me the POCUS

Point Of Care Ultrasound for the Anesthesiologist

Maximize your POCUS learning experience with high quality educational content and images, algorithms to help you in clinical practice, a Q bank and an image gallery. All open-source, evidence based and free. 

Choose your area of diagnostic POCUS by clicking on the title: 

This is your only POCUS source. While physics, lung, heart and gastric are the main focus for diagnostic POCUS currently recognized by the American Board of Anesthesiology, this website goes beyond this constraint by offering artifacts, airway, trans-cranial doppler, eye and renal ultrasound. You can also find 3d models that can be used in augmented reality. We have also included procedural ultrasound for central access, airway, lumbar, iv confirmation and thoracentesis/paracentesis. 

Planes for days: Orient yourself with the cardiac views to improve your knowledge of the anatomic structures with the use of these short clips:

Intro 3d heart.gif

The 11 transesophageal planes you need to recognize can be a pain to memorize. Let us help you with the use of a 3D heart model with this link:


Quick Links

To systematically  review  POCUS material for the OSCEs click:

To evaluate the quality a sonographic study:

To save images on your thumb drive from an US machine:

Critical care programs who would like to know how to build a Critical Care Ultrasound program

Emergency manuals by the Emergency Manuals Implementation Collaborative


3D Models for Virtual Reality 

Use the following QR code to look at the various models that can be used in augmented reality. While these do not contain the probe locations or scanning sectors, they serve as guide for teaching and reviewing the material contained within this site. Lets take a look at what these are by clicking here.

QR code sketchfab collection.png

Showmethepocus is proud to be the primary educational platform of 

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